You Are Next by Samuel Rodriguez

You Are Next: Destroy What Has Paralyzed You, and Never Miss Your Moment Again by Samuel Rodriguez
English | 2019 | Self Help | ePUB | 420 KB

Most people never seize their moment because they are paralyzed by their own thinking.
This book will teach you to let go of your excuses and never miss your moment again.It’s time for a change! It’s time to hear the voice of Jesus asking, “Do you want to get well?” And it’s time to answer Him with your obedience. Your destiny, future, and family are not controlled by “if only”; they rest in the hands of the One who loves you, saves you, redeems you, and heals you. Let go of your excuses, move beyond your conditional living, and break your cycle of dependency. It’s time to stand!

Have you convinced yourself the abundant life Jesus came to bring is out of reach? Have you developed an “if only” mentality, waiting for something or someone to turn things around? While you become more and more dependent on your excuses, you watch others get what you want to have, go where you want to go, and experience what you long to feel. It seems it’s never your turn to experience the joy that comes from attaining all God has for you.

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