The Grave Diggers by Chris Fritschi

The Grave Diggers by Chris Fritschi
English | 2020 | Science Fiction | ePUB | 310 KB

Society didn’t collapse. It was devoured.
It’s been two years since the undead nearly wiped out the human race. Some countries were entirely lost; others barely survived. The United States was left was gutted, and the inexperienced remains of the government struggle to hold the country together.

Nobody was spared from the horror, including Sergeant Jack Tate. Once a dedicated soldier in the Special Forces, a tragedy has left him cold and indifferent to the world around him.

Everything changes when he gets a cryptic offer to join a covert society of patriots, working in the background to save the country. Seeing a chance at redemption, he ignores his suspicions and accepts. It’s a decision that plunges Tate, and his rookie team, into a fight for their lives.
Before the shocking truth comes to light, Tate will learn the undead aren’t the only ones out to kill him.

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Categories:   Science Fiction & Fantasy