The Fog of Dreams by Justin Bell

The Fog of Dreams by Justin Bell
English | 2020 | Fantasy | ePUB | 405 KB

A highly trained soldier with the soul of a monster. He’s motivated and ruthless, and an evil conglomerate has made him angry… and they won’t like him when he’s angry.

William Strickland feels like a stranger in his own skin. Somewhere deep inside him, a beastly force tries to claw its way out. With his sharpened senses, he has no trouble spotting the men in suits who watch his every move. The human part of him can remember faint traces of a family gone missing. And in fevered nightmares, he can’t escape the half-forgotten memory of a mysterious woman frozen with fear.

When one of the guards reveals the dark truth of William’s twisted DNA, he resolves to fight tooth and claw to break free from the sinister corporation holding him captive. Only then can he discover the secrets behind his missing memories and the family he hopes still lives. To stop an evil conspiracy and reunite with his loved ones, he’ll have to give himself over to the monster snarling under his skin. But once he transforms, there may be no turning back…

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Categories:   Science Fiction & Fantasy