Shadow Behind the Stars by Lucinda Pebre, A.K. DuBoff

Shadow Behind the Stars by Lucinda Pebre, A.K. DuBoff
English | 2020 | Fantasy | ePUB | 412 KB

Kali’s next test may be her last.
Kali Wietris wants nothing more than to become an Agent in the Tararian Selective Service. In this elite telekinetic branch of the Taran military, she can use her abilities to help people and fight for justice. The only thing standing between Kali and graduation is her final internship.

However, lingering emotional scars from her time as a captive of the corrupt Priesthood have left Kali with a short temper, seriously calling into question her suitability as a TSS Agent. Not only will her internship require Kali to venture into the unknown, but the case is all too similar to her own history… by design.
Someone is kidnapping women on the outer planets. When Kali is assigned to investigate the involvement of a blues band in the abductions, it seems simple. Little does she know the disappearances are part of a larger rising threat, and the TSS greatly underestimated what they’re sending her into.

With time running out for one woman, graduating becomes the least of Kali’s worries. She must risk everything to confront the evil lurking in the shadows.

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Categories:   Science Fiction & Fantasy