Fourteen Days by K.J. Kalis

Fourteen Days by K.J. Kalis
English | 2020 | Mystery & Thriller | ePUB | 348 KB

What would you do to save a child… even it if wasn’t your own?
Eleven-year-old Carlye Morgan is nowhere to be found. She’s disappeared from summer camp. The police have no leads and the family has just about lost hope…

A family trip to the park pulls journalist Kat Beckman into the hunt, forcing her to make a decision about saving a life and finding a story.
With pressure from Carlye’s desperate family, Kat must decide if she is willing to face her past to help find Carlye.

On the trail, Kat is quickly pulled into a web of murder, violence and violation. The closer they get, Kat finds herself more desperate to find Carlye, fueling her own obsession about saving the family. The people that have taken Carlye aren’t about to give up without a fight, even if it means going after Kat… and her family.
Will Kat fight back?
No matter how determined Kat is, or what she decides, the clock is ticking. Will Kat be too late to save Carlye?

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Categories:   Mystery & Thriller